Friday, May 28, 2010

Places to buy Coke

The other week I went to the Botanic Gardens to watch Jessica Watson sail in. She took her bloody time so I went to buy a bottle of coke. It cost $4.50 for a small bottle and I had to refrain from asking Vincent Vega style "That's $4.50 for a coke? a plain coke? You don't put bourbon in that?" It angered me deeply that it was so expensive. It also angered me that the whole of Sydney hadn't turned up in monkey suits so Jessica Watson would come home to a Planet of the apes scenario.

I hate getting ripped off so I like to frequent places that aren't set up to arse rape tourists. Among the places I like to buy a can of coke are the fruit store at Marrickville ($1), the bargain store at Ashfield ($1) and Enmore Delicious Rolls ($1 with the purchase of a delicious roll).

Today I also bought a can from the African hairdresser on the corner of Enmore Road and King Street. It had a big sign out front saying $1.40 cans. Their fridge was really well stocked but didn't work so I had to fish around in an esky. Then they didn't have change in the cash register so the old African lady spent about five minutes fishing around in her purse. Then she charged me $1.60. Dodge. I should have gone to the cop shop 100 metres away. They have cans for $1.20 and you get to check out all the interesting criminals as they come in.

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