Saturday, May 12, 2012

Spitting image

Every now and then I meet someone who is convinced I look exactly like someone who is famous. Often though they are not famous to the degree that I've ever heard of them which makes for a really awkward conversation. I think the worst time was at Tracks* circa 1996 and being absolutely hounded by some loud chick who was totally convinced I was some dude from Neighbours. Mostly being compared to a famous person is supposed to be a compliment but sometimes it really doesn't feel like it - especially when you are being told you look just like someone from New kids on the block.
On Friday night I got told I looked like some vampire character in Twilight. My skin isn't that pasty white and I wasn't drinking blood or anything at the time so I didn't really get that one. I have hair that sticks up in the air the same way but is that really enough?
Last night I was told I looked just like the guy from the Hangover. Pictures were even taken so this vague resemblance could be proven.
I once worked alongside two French work experience chicks and they were convinced I had the eyes of a scary lizard creature from the 1983 television series V. Every time I walked past they would point at their eyes and say V in a deep moronic French accent. Thanks to the power of Google Image search I now understand they definitely were not paying me any compliments.
I also once had a woman at a milk bar say "you look like a dog" which was a weird thing to say when all I'd done was nicely order a hamburger. She clarified that she meant a husky dog, which is one of the more attractive breeds, but it still didn't feel like the nicest compliment ever.
*Tracks is Epping's premier nightspot. Relax at Tracks - oh yeah.

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