Thursday, February 7, 2013

A reason to season

Watch any of the million cooking shows on TV and you will always see them finish it off whatever dish they have with a few coriander leaves. Instant frickin gourmet.

This trend would be fine except for one thing - Coles. If I want to buy a bunch of coriander from Coles it costs $3. Why? At the Asian grocery store it costs 79 cents and the bunch is way bigger.

Sometimes I do my shopping when the Asian grocery store is closed and sometimes I just couldn't be bothered walking there but is this sort of convenience premium justified? I think not. So fuck you Coles.

I'm afraid my blog is just turning into angry rants about getting ripped off by major corporations. Really, I should have a current affairs show where instead of doing stories about dodgy plumbers I do stories about crap like this.

$3 for coriander. Ridiculous.

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