Thursday, May 7, 2015

Microphones are the wrong shape

When we wanted to fly we looked at birds and came up with aeroplanes. When we wanted things to stick together we looked at burrs and came up with Velcro. When we wanted to capture sound I imagine the scientists looked at ears. So when they invented the microphone how come they came up with something which looked like a dick?

I'm guessing they were just having a big laugh.

As scientists I imagine they weren't fond of politicians, singers and other celebrity wankers who were likely to be using microphones. They spent the rest of their lives rolling around laughing at all these people with their mouths millimetres away from big metal cocks.

Microphones should really be in the shape of an ear and probably not a human ear because our hearing is pretty crap. I reckon something in the shape of a fox ear is bound to work pretty well. It would take a while before people got used to fox ear shaped microphones, but it would make way more sense.

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