Thursday, October 8, 2009


I got some free tickets to comedy at the Harold Park Hotel last night. They were advertised on Craigslist by someone claiming they had bought tickets and couldn't go but were actually just a sad ploy by the organisers to get more than 3 people along to the gig.

We saw some dude who was okay followed by some other dude who was okay. They probably would have been better than okay had there been more than 12 people in the audience though. The whole atmosphere was just a bit sad. You are never going to get rousing laughter from a few old relatives who've seen it all before and a few scummy people who got free tickets on Craigslist. The new owners of the hotel fussed over us, finding good seats and offering a free wine tasting. I hoped they enjoyed the comedians because they had clearly lost thousands of dollars on the evening. I hope their fortunes turn and people pay actual money to see okay comedians on a Wednesday night. I don't really like their chances though.

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  1. I know a kickass comedian who is hella funny. Maybe he should get in touch with them.