Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Lotto Lane

Everyone avoids toll roads because they are boring and expensive. After all how exciting can driving in an overpriced tunnel be?

If I were to become a toll road operator I'd make it way more exciting. The major change would be the lotto lane where instead of paying a fixed rate you'd gamble. Your toll could be five bucks or it could be nothing. You could even win the jackpot and get free toll for life. Mostly however you would lose out and make me ridiculously rich.

I'd have different toll gates, all with different themes and depending on how you were feeling you could go the Egyptian lane, the Mermaid lane or the Leprechaun lane and instead of the little beepy noise you'd have a whole lot of little beepy noises, just like a poker machine. I'd actually have a gate every few hundred metres so a keen gambler could drop $100 on their drive home.

Fuck I'm going to be rich!

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