Sunday, July 25, 2010

Politics for dumb people

Are you happy to be "moving forward"? Somehow I just don't think we really are.

The thing is I was watching Julia outline her climate change policy the other day and our esteemed leading lady began by saying "It's just like someone going on The Biggest Loser."

Comparing businesses cutting carbon emissions to fatties cutting their calorie intake demonstrates the true genius of Julia. She knows that if you dumb it down enough "middle Australia" might just begin to understand. I can just imagine in living rooms all around Mt Druitt there are people saying "Aw fuck yeah, now I get it. How come no one ever explained it like that before?"

I think she should come up with some more good analogies. Maybe for her refugee policy she could say "Just imagine if you are having a barbie and some people rock up uninvited. Basically what we do is have some bouncers who'd drag 'em off and lock them in the neigbours chook shed. The neighbours haven't agreed yet but it shouldn't be any probs."

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