Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Who the hell camps out to get an iPhone? Nerds - that's who.

When you see the people lined up they are invariably all awkward men who would be turned away from night clubs. Perhaps they just like lining up somewhere where they know they will eventually get in.

What are they going to do when they get their new phone at midnight? Ring someone perhaps? I can just imagine the conversation:

"Guess what? I just got the new iPhone!!!!"
"Is this Eugene, the IT guy?"
"Yeah mate, I just got the new iPhone!"
"Eugene I'm not you'r mate and why the fuck are you calling me at this hour?"
"I just thought I'd tell you I got the new iPhone."
"Is that why you weren't at work today? Were you camping out for an iPhone?"
"Yeah, I was second in line!"
"Eugene, you're fired. Go shove your iPhone up your arse."

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