Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My awesome superpower

I think everyone has something that they are just a bit special at. Maybe you have a knack for judging exactly how long each ad break is going to be. Perhaps you can judge when an avacado is at its perfect ripeness or possibly you can urinate with extreme accuracy. My personal superpower is catching stuff that is falling. I just tripped over my laptop cord which yanked my laptop off the coffee table. For those whithout my superpower this could have been a problem but I was able to latch on to it in a super speedy manner way before impact. The other day I went to put something in the cupboard and a bag of cashews fell out. Despite having my hands full I managed to catch the cashews on my foot a full 20cm above the floor. I don't know if my feet were any cleaner than the floor but I was still pretty proud that my superpower had kicked in yet again.

Looking back on how I gained this superpower, I don't think it was in the usual ways of being born on another planet or having been exposed to nuclear material. Instead I think it was that I played the Mickey Mouse Game and Watch way too much when I was a kid. The game had four chickens all laying eggs and Mickey would have to catch the eggs before they went splat on the ground. Those chickens laid eggs faster and faster as the game went on so I had to be pretty awesome to keep Mickey catching all the way up the Pacific Highway to Expo 88. My brother had the Donkey Kong Game and Watch. I bet he is super good at jumping barrels.

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