Saturday, August 28, 2010

I blame Constable Care

Remember when the coppers came into primary school and delivered Constable Care's message about Stranger Danger? They did a great job of scaring a generation shitless.

I spent my formative years being suspicious of kind old ladies, sure that these dangerous strangers saying "hello" as I walked home from school were in fact about to abduct me and do something odd with my private region. According to Constable Care everyone I didn't know was suss.

The thing Constable Care neglected to mention was that most kiddies who get abused, get abused by someone they know. Maybe Constable Care should have instead warned about Peculiar Piano Teacher Danger or Drunken Uncle Danger.

I think Constable Care's message has made Australia a very unfriendly place. We're all way too scared and suspicious of each other to do something as dangerous as strike up a conversation.

Constable Care is probably to blame for my shy, awkward phase and for countless rejections from girls I didn't know, who were it not for this perceived stranger danger, have fallen for me instantly. Constable Care is probably why people drink so much before having the courage to talk to other. I blame him for social networking too. Why else would people retreat to their computer room and spend their lives emailing a bunch of people they sort of know?

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