Thursday, October 7, 2010

Want to get famous? Get fat

If you've been an awesome athlete, won lots of medals and kept super fit for your whole career a few people might know who you are and not flick channel while you are going for gold. If however you want to be really famous you can:
1. Trade swimming for eating burgers
2. Become fatter than Elvis
3. Make a comeback like Elvis

Geoff Huegill getting a silver wouldn't really have rated a mention without his Elvis period. However thanks to women's magazines no achievement is considered more amazing than shedding some kilos. Rather than just being another moderately succesful athlete he is now swimming's biggest star.

If you managed to cure cancer you probably wouldn't get as much media as any chunky celebrity who regained a six pack. If you want to hit the headlines you need to cure cancer and dropped three dress sizes.

For some reason people are obsessed with the "secret of weight loss". There's no secret. It involves:
1. Eating less
2. Excersizing more
3. Will power/lap-band surgery

Personally my favourite athlete at the Commonwealth Games is Anna Meares. She has a big arse and massive thighs but that's what makes her go really fast.

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