Thursday, November 18, 2010

When advertising is too effective

Normally when I ride my bike I have a little sound track going in my head. Typically it is something like INXS's Falling Down a Mountain or Blur's Song No. 2 (the woohoo one). Riding along the other day I had the So Good jingle in my head. Let me tell you it is friggin annoying to be riding along singing "So Good in your cereal, So Good as a drink, So Good is the reason why So Good is so good".

It's not just annoying because it's a jingle but it's annoying because it makes no sense. Saying "So Good is the reason why So Good is so good" is like saying chicken is the reason why chicken is so good.

So Good is a product I would never purchase. I like cows and I don't like Delta Goodrem. Why the fuck is she scrawling her signature over fake milk? Unless it's derived from her own lactation what right does she have to sign it?

Why do people care that a washed up soap star is associated with weird milk substitute? Does she even sing anymore or does she just do endorsements and appear in women's magazines. I want to slap her and the dude who wrote the jingle and anyone who ever bought any Delta endorsed product.

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