Thursday, November 24, 2011

What to be scared of

People are incredibly scared of things which will probably never effect them. Paedophiles, terrorists and sharks all frighten the bejesus out of people but do harm to a minute number of people.

What we should be scared of are all the things which are normal. Normal may be spending the vast majority of your waking hours working. Normal may be finishing your day with three hours of shit tv because you can't be bothered to think after working for ten hours straight. Normal may be downing ten beers every Friday night because at least it means you are not spending the night watching crappy TV. Normal may be driving your kids to school in a big 4 wheel drive because you are worried about paedophiles. Normal may be knocking on people's doors to try to try to make them believe in the same god as you. Normal may be wearing tights to the shopping centre even though you are grossly overweight and everyone can see your bits wobbling underneath that overstretched bit of spandex.

The scary thing about things which are normal is that they just gradually become part of your life. Because other people think they are normal you come to accept them no matter how crap or ridiculous they are. Society makes you scared of not being normal.

We need to be brave and judge things on good or bad, rather than normal or not normal. Normal can be pretty fucked up.

Why didn't Doogie Howser tell me that in his little computer journal?

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