Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The original hipster

Somewhere in New York there is a guy who is responsible for every stupid hipster trend. He grows a stupid  beard and other NY hipsters follow. Then some guy takes a photo on their iPhone with the ironic old school handset attached and before you know it half of Surry Hills looks like Ned Kelly. He is responsible for sleeve tattoos. He brought wide rimmed glasses to wankers with perfect vision. He made hipsters everyone roll up their tight pants and wear leather shoes without socks. When I see that I don't think it looks hip - I just think these people are going to have terrible foot odour.

The obvious answer is to capture the original hipster and lock him up so he can't start any more stupid trends. Ideally we would all then just wear shiny jumpsuits like in most futuristic movies. That way we could forget about fashion and get on with our lives. Alternatively we could just be like cartoon characters and wear the same thing everyday. You could have a blue Betty Rubble dress or the blue pants, white shirt ensemble favoured by the likes of Homer Simpson and George Jetson. I don't know about Yogi Bear's outfit - the tie is a classy touch but it's probably good to have pants.

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