Friday, August 3, 2012

Weird and wonderful Olympians

The Olympics does produce some amazing freaks. Here are my favourites so far.
British shot-putter Carl Myerscough is the closest thing I've seen to a proper giant. I've heard you can only access his house via beanstalk.
German track cyclist Robert Fostermann has the most ridiculous legs of any human being to have lived. He finds it hard to buy jeans.
Nigerian weightlifter Felix Ekpo brings the six pack to a whole new level. I don't quite understand how it is anatomically possible but his stomach is just some massive ball of muscle.
Belarus trampolinist Viashaslau Modzel is the only athlete I've seen to sport both a 70's mo and a comb-over. Surprisingly he is aged just 25. I'm looking forward to seeing him in many more Olympics to come.

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