Saturday, October 12, 2013


$13 for a beer is wrong. It is an affront, a piss take. It is what is wrong with this country - particularly the parts where hipsterism thrives.

Foxtrot is a (painfully) hipster bar with a closed door and a twee little sign out front showing foxes dressed in suits. It occupies a crappy old low rent building that may have been an Italian restaurant in the 1970's. You sit on crappy old garden furniture, no doubt collected from a council clear up.

You order a single tap beer and it costs you $13. Sure, it may be a boutique wanker beer and it may be served in a brandy glass, but that's no excuse.  The low rent building doesn't justify such a mark up. The crappy council clean up furniture doesn't justify such a markup. The stupid picture of fox in a suit does not justify such a mark-up. Can anything justify $13 for a beer?  

Damn you hipsters.

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