Thursday, January 30, 2014

Stem cells

I am a little confused why the church is so opposed to creation through stem cells. If you go back to what they regard as the beginning of civilisation you will find Eve was created from Adam's rib. I'm guessing God basically extracted some stem cells from there and put some rapid grow formula on them so she'd get bigger really quick. What's wrong with scientists following in God's footsteps? Does God even have footsteps? I imagine he is more of a floating creature but he could probably take on different forms like in Terminator 3. Anyway, from what I gather the church seems to be quite against people enjoying rumpy pumpy and tells everyone that they were created in sin. Why not have them created in a laboratory instead? It seems quite contrary to me. But apparently Mary was quite contrary and maybe that is something that runs in the family. I wonder however if her traits got carried on considering Jesus was immaculately conceived. Was half of the genetic makeup Mary's or was it all God's? Which raises another point - if anyone is against implanting things in people's wombs it surely shouldn't be the church. That would be incredibly hypocritical, but I guess they are known for that with all the child molestation and the accumulation of massive amounts of wealth...

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