Monday, December 16, 2013

Candice Falzon

I don't need to know anything at all about who a sport star is currently sleeping with. The whole WAGs phenomenon has become a rather sad spectacle as we focus not on what is happening on the field but all this other boring rubbish which is best left to the gormless idiots who buy New Idea.

I am particularly worried about the Candice Falzon situation. A serial sports star fucker, Candice is now attempting to raise her public profile by attaching herself to David Warner. I see this going down the exact same track as Pup and Lara Bingle. It may all be rosy now but one day he is going to have to leave a tour to break up with her and a very expensive engagement ring will again go down the insinkerator.

I never want to hear a WAG interviewed. I never want to see a congratulatory tweet broadcast across the screen. Let's face it - tweeting is just another form of self promotion. Dave doesn't carry his smart phone out to the centre and check his messages after he gets a ton. If she really wants to congratulate him she can wait till he gets off the field, give him a kiss and say "well done love".


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