Monday, October 20, 2014

Buffy's hair

Yesterday I was flicking through the news on my phone and came across a story about Sarah Michelle Gellar's new haircut. This inane article about Buffy's bob caused me to instantly start composing another smart-arse blog post in my head. I was going to tell you all about how the modern media sucks and how celebrity haircuts shouldn't be news and why we are also destined to become imbeciles.

But then I though about it a bit more.

I could fill my head with 'important' news stories. I could know all about Iraq and Syria and even those less popular wars in places with no oil. I could read about Ebola. I could think about how bad it all is. I could condemn politicians for doing the wrong things. I could get really angry about it if I wanted to. It wouldn't make me a better person though.

Choosing to be "well informed" is largely just a form of personal branding. It's much the same as choosing what you are wearing. Some people will choose a serious suit and to know what the Reserve Bank governor said about interest rates. Other people will choose a boob tube and knowing about Buffy's latest look.

By getting riled up about celebrity haircut stories I am  being a snob. I am like one of those annoying super-healthy people who say you should only have vegetables and that fairy floss shouldn't exist.

People like fairy floss and sometimes instead of all those bitter stories about war, disease and idiotic politicians I think it is perfectly fine to have something which is sweet and sugary and of no value to your intellectual diet...

People just need to be aware of where their intellectual nourishment is coming from. Getting all your information from TMZ is a bit like doing your grocery shopping in a lolly shop. Getting it from Channel 9 is probably like going to Woolies and skipping past any of the green stuff at the front. Other outlets are a bit more like the health food store, the jolly butcher who calls you 'love' or the chick with the bangles who sells space cake.

 Sarah Michelle Gellar

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