Sunday, November 2, 2014

When dumb becomes the norm

Most of the big problems which exist in the world have all come about because doing something dumb became normalised and accepted.

Melbourne Cup is a prime example of dumb becoming the norm. It's the strange carnage which occurs when people who don't normally drink two bottles of champagne on Tuesday are surrounded by a whole lot of other people who are doing this. Alcohol poisoning becomes the norm. Tomorrow you will see an amazing number of finely dressed women with fancy hats and lovely matching handbags... filled with vomit.

Frankly, I have never understood the purpose of trying to catch your chunder in a handbag. You would have to be standing on a pretty damn fancy rug before this becomes a wise option. Most women carry an inordinate number of things in their bag and once all that stuff has swum around in half-digested party pies and Bacardi Breezers it is bound to become a little icky. No one is going to want to put the vomit lipstick on again and I am pretty sure your iPhone warranty doesn't cover submersion in sick.

At the same time as everyone is getting on the piss, they also piss away their money, betting over $800 million on some stupid horses no one actually cares about, so that an annoying little prick like Tom Waterhouse can get even richer and afford yet more teeth whitening. Soon he will open his mouth and lasers will shoot out to burn the eyes of anyone who looks in his direction.

Sadly dumb becomes the norm way too often.

Australia voted in Tony Abbott. Sydneysiders think it is perfectly normal to pay $1 million for a shitty apartment. Xfactor gets good ratings. It is all incredibly dumb and none of it makes sense to me at all. I keep thinking that intelligence and common sense will win out but constantly I am amazed at the power of dumb.

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