Thursday, November 13, 2014

Dear Target

Dear Target,

A while ago I bought a toilet brush from you. I didn't just go for the super-cheap one. I went for this fancy-pants posh one which was in this tasteful wooden box and cost $35 or something. I thought it must be a huge step up from the very basic old-school dunny brushes, which while effective added little to the aesthetics of that uninviting little crevice beside the toilet bowl.

Soon after purchasing this posh toilet brush I found it didn't really hold up to vigorous scrubbing. The head quickly became wonky and I realised it was actually just loosely screwed on. After more scrubbing the handle became wonky and I realised that too was just loosely screwed on. Pretty soon the whole thing fell apart.

This is just terrible design - it's like making a chopstick from three separate pieces and badly screwing them together. It is just when your chopsticks fall apart and you have to put them back together you are likely to have something nice like sweet and sour pork on them. When your dunny brush falls apart it is likely to be covered in something terrible, like sweet and sour pork which has been through the human digestive system.

I realise I could have brought my posh dunny brush back into your store for a refund but having worked in a similar mega-store I feel great empathy for the people who work in your service department. They should never have to deal with crappy, crap-covered merchandise. I once had an old man return two year old underwear with dodgy elastic and skid marks. It was not pleasant.

I think it sad that many people with the very minor ambition of poshing up their bathroom a bit will be left frustrated, with aesthetically pleasing yet fairly useless dunny brushes. In this age of technological advancement things as simple as a dunny brush should just work.

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