Monday, June 15, 2015

Why don't we pay terrorists?

We've seen paying people smugglers is a cheap, effective way of getting shit done. I think we should extend the program to terrorists.

If someone writes "terrorist" as occupation and "jihad" as reason for visit on their immigration card, we should just give them a fat wad of cash and turn them around. It would be far cheaper and less convoluted than all this spying nonsense.

Data retention is really expensive, and it takes ages wading through all the spam ads for Viagra and penis enlargement before you get to the bit were the evil genius lays out their master plan in an unencrypted email.

We should probably pay people to stop importing drugs too.

Dear Senor Estobar,

We ask that you kindly stop sending drugs to Straya. Enclosed is a fat stack of taxpayers' money. If you continue to import drugs we will be forced to give you more money.




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