Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fairytales for Feminists

It seems that from a very young age little girls are taught that the key to happiness is a Prince Charming or a Knight in Shining Armour. I feel this just sets unrealistic expectations and doesn’t prepare them to get ahead on their own terms.

Repunzel’s escape plan was entirely unfeminist. Why wait years for your hair to grow the length of the tower, then hope some dude will come by, become smitten and want to haul you down? In my version Repunzel would grow her hair to half the length of the tower, put her hair in piggy tails and chop both of them off. She’d then tie the two piggy tails together, attach the end to the window frame and scale down herself.

This fairytale is clearly teaching all our young girls that the best way to happiness is marrying rich. In my version Cinderella would instead use her skills to start a cleaning business which she would eventually franchise and become independently wealthy. While she may have a dalliance with the prince she would pass him over in favour of the local butcher who is pure of heart and does a fantastic sausage.

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