Monday, July 13, 2009

Improving Busking

Most buskers are shit and offend my ears terribly, yet while they get money I get nothing. I believe this imbalance needs to be redressed.

My proposal is simple. Allow people who don’t like the music to take money from the buskers. If you find the guy on that one stringed Chinese thing a tad monotonous take twenty cents. If you can’t stand the guy playing the didgeridoo with the techno backing track, take a dollar.

In this way it would only be profitable for really good performers to busk and we could get rid of all those seven year old violinists and gold painted freaks who just stand still with an umbrella and a stupid look frozen on their faces. I also think the standing still thing would be far cooler if you got to throw stuff at the person. For a gold coin you could choose either a tomato, a water balloon or an egg. I might do that actually. I reckon I’d make heaps of money.

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