Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Fixies are for fashion victims

Fixies are bikes designed for riding around a velodrome. They don’t have gears and they don’t have brakes because on a velodrome you don’t really need those things. Yes, they look all cool and minimalist but I just can’t explain why anyone would ride one around the streets - other than the fact that they are massive fashion victims.

Most fixies are created from people destroying perfectly functional road bikes. Just strip off the gears and the brakes and maybe get rid of the grip tape on the handlebars so you can burn the fuck out of your hands every time your beautiful piece of shit is left out in the sun. Smart.

I can understand the wankers in Melbourne doing it but Sydney has hills and how cool can you really look pushing your bike up some pathetic incline? Sydney also has mental drivers and whilst trying to avoid them I like to have all the braking power I can get hold of. After all how stylish can you look when you are on the asphalt bleeding?

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  1. Couldn't agree more. Funny though, how when you challenge ANYONE on Youtube over it, they claim they're not hispster fashion victims and that they've been riding them for years to work on "ability", "technique" or my particular favourite... the utterly pretentious "to feel at one with the bike". Yet there they are in the videos, with their spanking new fixie purchased from Urban Outfitters (and when Urban Outfitters are selling Fixie bikes, their argument it is NOT a fashion statement goes right out of the window), with their cards in their spokes, dayglo rims and silly tube pads... LOL.

    The freewheel, gears and the brake were innovation. End of story. I know with a decent derailleur I can comfortably negotiate any hill or incline, and with two disc brakes I can stop on a penny in an emergency. Why on earth should I sacrifice that just so my ride can look cool stood outside a trendy cafe while I queue for my skinny latte? Tw@ts!