Friday, August 19, 2011

The Clydesdale category

When looking through the details of the mountain bike event I'm doing on the weekend I was curious as to what the Clydesdale weigh-in was. I found out it was one of the most brilliant innovations ever. Basically if you are a bloke and weigh more than 110kg's with your bike you can enter in the Clydesdale category (>85kg's for chicks). That's pretty much spot on for me and my 13kg bike and means I won't suffer from onerous comparisons with those gaunt looking people who don't have to lug around nearly as much weight. Unfortunately as I am doing it as part of a team with a far lighter girlfriend I am ineligible this year. I plan however on making a serious tilt next year if I can build up the stamina for an 8 hour ride. Obviously I will not be able to train too hard and risk losing too much weight to qualify.

I'd like to see a Clydesdale category in the Tour de France. The jersey could be vertical stripes because they are supposed to be slimming.

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