Monday, August 15, 2011


I've always been a pretty happy chappy but last night I went to bed at 8.30 just because the conscious world seemed so annoying and disappointing. Thankfully I've perked up a bit since then but it did get me thinking.

Depression is a sucky state to be in and people in that sucky state find it hard to do the awesome things that make life worth living. I know the government is spending a lot on mental health but I don't know if forking out billions for doctors and pills is the answer.

How about we spend a little bit on elephants and monster trucks? Just imagine if you got to ride to work on an elephant and ride home in a monster truck. It would be awesome and it would just make life seem better.

If you knew a friend was going through a hard time you could just ring up the government happiness department and organise them an elephant ride or some fireworks or a swimming session with a hot chick dressed up as a mermaid. I think it would help.

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