Saturday, June 2, 2012

branding and religion

I visit a lot of homes and it is amazing how many average white people have Buddha statues. I am sure most of these people have only the vaguest idea about the religion but the associated iconography is really appealing. I think it helps that people have a choice of two Buddhas. Depending on your personality you can choose a fat, happy Buddha or a chilled out thin Buddha. The lotus flower is a really beautiful touch and I can't imagine any uniform that matches the flowing saffron robes of a Buddhist monk. Buddhism really got their branding right.

Christianity however decided to choose a torture instrument as their logo. The cross is visually strong but not overly appealing - especially when you see it with some skinny beardy guy nailed to it. Poor Jesus. Not only did he have to suffer such treatment, he also had hair that was never going to be anywhere near as cool as Buddha's.

The one I really feel sorry for though is Mohammed. Islam dictates that you are not able to show representations of him. I don't know what the idea behind that is but it is terrible branding.

Hinduism has tried really hard but I think maybe too hard. All those extra arms, blue skin, elephant heads etc. is way too confusing

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