Thursday, June 14, 2012

Why Myer will soon die

I went to Myer to buy a stereo and immediately the signs weren’t good. In the middle of all this technology there was a dirty bucket collecting drips from the ceiling. I tried to get the attention of a salesperson but he told me he knew nothing about stereos and to wait for the one other guy who was tending to a ninety year old lady. Despite the place being pretty much a ghost town I waited so long I just about saw an entire episode of Days of Our Lives on the big TVs that surrounded me.

Eventually the very depressed sales attendant slumped over. I can’t blame him for being depressed - I’ve seen hospital wards that were more uplifting than the technology department of Myer. I really don’t think the lighting was doing anything for his complexion either because he looked slightly zombieish.

He wasn’t keen on selling the model I wanted because it was the last one and it seemed like finding the box for it was going to be way too difficult. He suggested I go back to Bing Lee. Clearly he wasn’t selling on commission. 

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