Friday, January 18, 2013


I really don't know who I am more disappointed by, Lance or Oprah. What a pathetic interview. Where was the nitty gritty? Where was the naming of names? Where was the spilling of beans? Where was the big public apology? Where were the tears? If there is one thing I thought Oprah could extract I thought it would be some tears but all there was was a woman with a massive fat head looking mildly disappointed at a wanker with a skinny head.

Why go so soft on someone who managed to pull off one of the biggest con jobs in history? Bring him down properly. Oprah, you need some performance enhancement yourself. Maybe you should go do a journalism course or get one of your lackeys to write some decent questions. Maybe you should learn how to ask a follow up question. In fact, maybe you should have just got someone else to do the interview so you can get back to eating cake and picking out sparkly shoes.

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