Thursday, June 27, 2013

What did the boogie ever do?

For my whole life I've never really understand why we should blame it on the boogie. I thought boogieing was supposed to be a positive activity. Six years after the Jackson 5 sang that song, Kevin Bacon appeared in the movie Footloose. The movie was all about how the boogie had been unfairly blamed. I thought it preached an important message and resolved the whole question once and for all of whether it was right to blame it on the boogie. Clearly it is was not right

I don't get why the Jacksons boogied to a song that blamed "it" on the boogie. It seems rather hypocritical and anyway what exactly was "it" that they were blaming the boogie for? If they were blaming the boogie for a vase that got knocked over or a table that broke while someone was dancing upon it that may be fair enough, however I would suggest alcohol may also have been a contributing factor. If however they are blaming the boogie for global warming I think that may be a stretch. There is after all no proven scientific evidence that sun dances are effective.

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