Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Searching for drugs

In our wonderful modern society with all its conveniences you would think being able to get medication when you are in pain would be a fairly simple task. It's not - at least not after 10 pm. For some weird reason 24 hour pharmacies do not exist in Sydney. Up the road I can go to a cafe and get a chai latte at four in the morning. I can drive through McDonalds for some greasy crap. I can fill up on petrol, get myself a slushie and tempt fate with a service station hot dog. Filling a prescription however is not going to happen.

If you get bundled out of hospital after hours it's pointless searching for pain medication. Go to a bar and order something strong.

Ultimately we should have 24 hour home delivery. Obviously junkies trying to hold up drug delivery drivers could be an issue however for this I have a cunning plan. I would make the drivers have blue lights on them - just like in those toilets where they are trying to deter junkies. Apparently blue lights are quite effective in deterring junkies but if that wasn't enough, I'd arm them with blue light-sabers. It would be like Luke Skywalker was coming to your rescue and that would make being in pain less shitty.

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