Monday, May 27, 2013

Dear Woolworths

Dear Woolworths,

Today I decided against buying a bag of rocket. Looking at your miserly 60 gram bag I pondered “how could something so tiny be such a giant rip-off?” How on earth can you justify selling something as simple as rocket for over $33 a kilo?

Perhaps you are unaware but it is not called rocket because it was developed by NASA. It is called rocket because it springs out of the ground so fast. It takes basically no effort to grow.

How is it that I can buy top of the range ham for less than the cost of the rabbit food it shares my sandwich with? Cute little Babe has to be fed and looked after so he grows up to eating size. Then he has to be killed, cut up, smoked and sliced by someone at the deli counter. If all that can be done for $25 a kilo, surely something is amiss in the pricing of rocket.

I also wonder why is it that whenever I go into your store there is a half price special on chocolate yet there is never a half price special on rocket? Is this some conspiracy against healthy eating? The only reductions you ever tend to give on rocket are when the stuff has wilted away in the bag for three days and it looks sad, pathetic and pretty much inedible.

I believe it is a scam and I am henceforth boycotting rocket from your store. If I had a twitter account I would urge my followers to do likewise. 

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