Thursday, May 16, 2013

If I got to punch one person I'd choose Gina Rinehart

I know violence doesn't solve anything and it's bad to hit women, but I think I'd make an exception for Gina Rinehart. Seriously, I'd whack her with a stick like an oversized pinata until her stony little heart fell out.

When multi-billionaires go on the news to complain about paying too much tax it does piss me off. In her rant  today she said that Australia "shouldn't treat mining like an ATM". I think that is exactly how we should treat it.

You see, Australia has all these resources in the ground, which is pretty much the same as having money in the bank. When we take these resources out of the ground we are basically taking money out of our national bank account.

The problem is under our current system Gina gets to keep a shitload of this money and the Australian people get some miserable, piss-poor percentage.

So far our mining tax has raised bugger-all. Yet we still spend about $6 billion a year on fuel subsidies so Gina's giant Tonka trucks and private jet can move about a bit more cheaply.

So stop whingeing Gina and go back to stuffing your gob with all those unicorn pies in your stupid billionaire world that has no connection with reality. I hate you.

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