Monday, May 6, 2013


Dear Qantas,

I recently flew with you to Melbourne and you fed me a lovely chocolate caramel cookie. Unfortunately you also fed me a little bit of bullshit.

You see, with my cookie came a little paper bag which was apparently part of a new recycling initiative. Along with a whole lot of guff about your new recycling initiative, the bag was printed with instructions telling me to put my rubbish inside this paper bag. This struck me as odd.

For years I have been carefully sorting my paper and plastic as part of my own recycling initiative. Nonetheless I put my plastic cookie wrapper in the paper bag and gave it back to the hostie/stewardess/flight attendant/whatever the proper term is these days.

Later when I went to the back of the plane to use the toilet I fully expected to find the hosties busily going through the collected rubbish sorting this paper from plastic. But no, they were just hanging about discussing their diet regimes and how carbs and sugar are evil (which was quite ironic considering what they had just been dishing out).

So basically it appears that your brilliantly thought out recycling scheme involves creating more rubbish, rather than less rubbish and also putting a whole lot of recyclable material in landfill. Why don’t you print that on your tip-bound paper bags?

My suggestion is that you get rid of the paper bags, get rid of the cookie wrappers and just serve those tasty treats from a good old-fashioned, environmentally friendly cookie jar. It makes far more sense than trying to bamboozle us with nonsensical marketing spin.

Yes keep the cookies coming, but please stop trying to feed me bullshit.

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