Sunday, September 1, 2013

Cost of living

Politicians promise all sorts of crap but it is usually aimed at someone other than me. If they really wanted to cut the cost of living in Australia and win my vote here is what they could do.

Make Coles an Woolies advertise how much they pay farmers for their produce. I'm sure if people saw the markup they were making on coriander they'd be less inclined to shell out $3 for it. The Asian grocer had 3 bunches for $2 today. I thought, "how can they sell it so cheap?" Then I remembered they weren't part of a price-fixing duopoly.

Stop banks from charging me to access my own money. When the four big banks are raking in a lazy 10 billion a year I don't think it is too much to ask for them to stop charging $2 for me to get me money out from an ATM. Charging me $10 a month for an account that pays no interest also seems like a bit or a rort.

Make beer cheaper at licensed venues. I bought a slab of Asahi for $40 the other day. At home each bottle is costing $1.67. Why then is $8 when I go out? As part of licensing conditions they should have at least one beer that you can buy for a $5 no matter how wanky the bar. If Labor based the rest of their campaign on this policy they would probably win.

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