Thursday, May 22, 2014

We need the Germans to fight for us

Most Aussies are used to getting fucked by the government. Most just bend over and take it. Our efforts at protest are generally quite feeble and ineffective. Thank god we have the Germans on our side.

Today Deutsche Bank pulled out of a deal to build a massive coal port on the edge of the Great Barrier Reef, due in large part to the 180,000 Germans who petitioned against it. What were we doing here? No one asked me to sign anything.

Students in Germany have  been the beneficiaries of their own awesome protesting skills. Despite the government changing the laws to allow fees in 2006, the level of protest has meant the measures have now been overturned. Our student protest have never been quite that effective and as a result most tertiary educated people will be living off home brand instant noodles until they are well in to their 40's. 

If Australia is ever going to get what we really need some more Germans. We need people to say "dus ist nein gut!" We need passionate people with names like Hans and Hilda to beat our politicians into submission with various types of wurst. We need all the Mercedes and BMWs to be secretly built as Transformers so they can turn into awesome robots programmed to destroy Abbott, Hockey, Pyne and all the other useless lying bastards in Canberra.

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