Thursday, May 8, 2014

Crime and punishment

When James Packer and David Gyngell belted each other in the head they each got fined $500. Fining a multi-billionaire like Packer this amount is comparable to fining this average person five cents. It is as stupid as belting someone in the head.

In one of those forward-thinking Nordic countries they have identified this stupidity and rectified it. Go over the speed limit in Norway  (or maybe it's Sweden or Switzerland) and your income will be examined to see just how big the fine should be.

I don't think money is enough though. Packer should have to go without something. Perhaps he should have to catch public transport for a month while regular commuters from Rooty Hill get a lift to work in his chauffeur driven car. Or maybe he should have to go without his helicopter while it is used to give old people from nursing homes joy rides.

Perhaps he could be legally made to only drink cask wine while homeless people get to drink his Grange. Or maybe he should have to give up having sex with supermodels and instead pass them on to other fat, ugly middle-aged blokes who were previously denied the opportunity of bedding a supermodel for the simple fact that they didn't have enough zeroes on the end of their bank balance.

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