Friday, May 8, 2009

Guerrilla Poetry - The Book

Now that you can publish photo books way cheap I'm going to pull my finger out and put together a flash GPO tome.

The first thing to think about is obviously the title and I have come up with a few that could work and a whole lot more that probably won't work. Let me know your favourites and any other suggestions.

Plastic cutlery and a plan for mayhem.

Eating my words and finding a hair.

Force feeding the mentally malnourished with dollops of creamy goodness.

Sitting on the shoulders of a dwarf, I still can’t see the band.

Sick of the bitter cold, the Eskimo resorted to self immolation.

Covered in syrup yet no one will lick me.

Armless army wanting a wank

Eat my words.

The offensive offensive

Tackling a streaker and trying to keep the dangly bits away from my face.

1 comment:

  1. The Offensive Offensive is great. So is Eating My Words and Finding a Hair.

    That or the succinct first line of one of the poems followed with "and other poems to cut you"

    Or quite simple "Jake is the Fat Man"