Monday, May 11, 2009

Small Rebellions Will Make You Punk

I am deeply afraid of finding a finding a place where I fit in. There is comfort in being odd. It’s a healthy reassurance that I’m not like everyone else. In my own unique way I am Superman. Not because I have XRAY vision, awesome flying powers or a little curl in the front of my hair, but because I have some inkling that I am actually from a different planet.

Fitting in is failure. Who ever did the extraordinary by fitting it? I admire rebels. But you don’t have to be Mandela, Ghandi or Evel Kneival. While overturning apartheid, defeating colonial rule and jumping the Grand Canyon are all way cool things, there are other ways in which you can differentiate yourself from society. I admire people who call their babies stupid names. I love grandmas who dye their hair pink. I rate people who don’t wear shoes when shopping.

The punk movement was a good idea but it was bound for failure. You can’t be non-conformist if you just become part of a scene and conform to its norms. If you are walking around with a mohawk, facial piercings and bondage pants you have completely missed the point of what it is to be punk.

You can become punk by staging small rebellions. Maybe ditch that Fitness First bag. Put a load in the dryer without cleaning the lint filter. Eat a Golden Gaytime even though you are not gay.
Gradually you will break free of society's shackles.

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