Sunday, May 17, 2009

I'm too normal to find a car spot

I understand the necessity for disabled parking and even though there generally seems to be way more spots than cripples I don't begrudge them their special spaces. If I become paralysed being able to easily find a parking spot wherever I go will no doubt prove a little ray of sunshine.

What I don't get however is special parking spots for people with prams. Sharon having too much passion pop and neglecting to bother with birth control should not entitle her to a better spot than I can get. I understand that kids are a pain in the arse but surely that's part of the bargain. Parents are not cripples. These days they all have super dooper jogging prams that I'd imagine could sustain an extra two minute roll to the shops. If the weight of their kids is too much for parents to push maybe they should let the wee little fat fucks out for some excercise. Or maybe they should just stop going to the shops and buying all that food.

Today I also had to avoid parking in a spot for hybrid cars. If these people really were environmentally conscious they would have ridden a frickin bike freeing up that spot for my ordinary filth spewing car.

If they really wanted to create a special parking space category it should be for people who are shit drivers. Give them all massive car spaces and put padding on all the pylons. Maybe have a few attendents with ping pong bats guiding them in like a plane. There could also be an instant scratch repair place on that level and maybe an insurance claims centre.

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