Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I don't think, therefore I aint

I haven’t made a post for a week. Why? Because I haven’t really had many worthwhile thoughts. I blame it on the noise of modern society.

Back in the dreamtime they didn’t have car radios, iPods or Foxtel. They didn’t have long working hours or waste their weekends at IKEA looking for exciting interior solutions for their bark huts. They just had heaps of time to think. That’s why they came up with awesome stuff like the thing about the rainbow serpent.

Constant entertainment is nice to have but I’m betting on their deathbeds most people of my generation will be wishing they hadn’t pissed away quite so much of their lives obsessing about which model/chef/fatty/dancer/singer/wanker will get eliminated next or what Darren’s current Facebook status is. We all just need some thinking time.

When I was at kindy we used to just stop half way through the afternoon and have nap time. I wasn’t always tired but I really liked it. Not only did I get to bed down right next to Rebecca, I also got to come up with all sorts of exciting thoughts while I was supposed to be keeping quiet.

For your mind to come up with something interesting you have to let it wander and explore all those weird and wonderful places that most never visit. If your mind has become sadly sedentary I suggest this – take a really, really long shower. Fuck conserving water, they are building a desalination plant. As you stand there don’t bother washing yourself, just let the droplets bounce upon your skull and eventually a thought will come into your head. It will be awesome.

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