Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Animal Bits

The other day I was thinking it would be good to have fox ears because foxes can hear really well and with all that fur covering them they wouldn’t get cold in winter or sunburnt in summer.

But if you could swap one of your body parts for an animal body part what would it be?

If everyone had the choice I reckon there would be some pretty bad decisions made. Obviously you’ll get all these men saying they want an elephant penis, who will end up ruing their decision because they can’t walk without tripping over or find a woman able to accommodate them (unless of course a few woman decide to have elephant vaginas which probably wouldn’t be that silly because it would make child birth way less painful).

Of course, you’d get heaps of people who want to fly and trade their arms for eagle wings. Sadly they would soon find out that the wings didn’t provide adequate lift for their heavy bodies and would have to walk everywhere with untied shoes.

You could trade your legs away for a fish tail and become a real life mermaid but that probably would make transport an issue if you ever wanted to go somewhere not by the water. If I was going to trade my legs I might get kangaroo legs.

There are so many possibilities - monkey forearms, peacock crest, pig nipples, anything! Medical technology is evolving. You should really give this some serious thought.

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