Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Most schoolies just plan a trip to the Gold Coast and dent the Barina in the Maccas car park. Jessica Watson decided to fuck up on a much grander scale.

Having told the world how she was all grown up and perfectly equipped to do a lap of the globe she ran her yacht into a ship after less than a day. Now I’m not a yachtie but I reckon if there was millions of kilometres of open ocean and a big ship coming my way I’d steer the boat in the direction of the blue stuff and not the big ship. Seems like a pretty basic error.

Personally I can’t imagine anything more boring than sailing around the ocean by myself. If I were 16 I’d rather be puking from too many vodka jelly shots with my friends than puking from seasickness. I think she came to her senses and decided this was the way out.

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