Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Before the lights go out

It doesn't seem right how when you get old all you do is visit an increasing number of medical practitioners as your abilities gradually desert you. It means there's nothing to look forward to which is I guess why the idea of God and an afterlife is so marketable.

What would be great is if you had a period just before you die that you become the best in the world at something. It could be that your nan wakes up one day and doesn't feel like doing crochet and instead decides to ride a motorbike against Valentino Rossi. She kicks his arse and gets to spray champagne from one of those big bottles before the lights go out.

Or maybe some dude who has been illiterate his whole life goes out and feels an urge to take part in a scrabble competition and manages to lay down 'quixotic' on the triple word score to take the tournament.

It would be great watching some trapeze artist do a triple somersault and thinking "not bad, but when I'm 90 I reckon I'll do better." I don't think you'd get to choose what your amazing talent will be though. You could get flower arranging, cliff diving or whale harpooning.

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