Thursday, June 24, 2010

Australia - you got what you deserved

I don’t know if the average Aussie is incredibly naïve or just fucking dumb. What happened to KRudd suggests both. The man put up a mining tax which would have meant billions of bucks being paid by big corporations rather than the average Joe. It should have been a sure-fire vote winner. “Do you want someone else to pay your tax?” I’d expect “Yes fucking please” to be the typical response.

The mining companies were obviously not too keen on it. In what must have been one of the most successful campaigns of all time they managed to convince the average Joes that having billionaires pick up a bit more of the tab was a terrible idea. They did such a good job of this that most weren’t prepared to vote for a man who made such a ludicrous proposal.

Thus we have Julia. I believe Julia would look right at home running a tuck shop but she seems well out of place running the country. Unfortunately she was so unattractive and awkward that she never got a chance to push out some ginga devil child and send it to a suburban primary school.

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