Monday, June 21, 2010

The problems with soccer

Soccer players are like spoilt little rich kids - soft, cry baby whingers who get rewarded when they roll around on the floor chucking a tantrum. The referees are naive parents, easily conned by this type of behaviour. I don't want to see more namby-pamby red cards and divers rolling around clutching their faces. The game would be a shitload better if we got rid of the refs altogether and let men be men.

If you get paid $5 million bucks a year you should also be able to kick a ball in a goal. How are there so many 0 - 0 draws? It's like staying up to watch a Swedish movie on SBS, getting through the whole thing and not seeing any tits - extremely disappointing. We should just make the goals massive so the overpaid wankers can actually hit the bloody things.

I think they also need cheerleaders. Watching people back pass to the goalie is deadly boring and some hot chicks with pompoms would be a welcome distraction. Some streakers would also be ace.

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