Friday, June 25, 2010

Forget the leaky boat

If you really want to escape your country you could:
a) give your life savings to a people smuggler, get on an overcrowded leaky boat, cross the high seas and find your way to a remote detention centre.
b) work on your backhand.

Watching Wimbledon I'm seeing chicks like Rodionova and Groth following in the footsteps of that other true blue Aussie, Jelena Dokic. I'm kind of glad that we have someone to cheer for but I just wish in the post match interview they would learn to say something like "I feel tops. That last set was a bloody ripper."

It's not just tennis either. If you are anyone capable of bringing glory to this country we'll wrap you up in green and gold and express post you a passport. Kosta Tszyu you're true blue. Tatiana Grigorieva you are dinky di as. If you are awesome at sport come on down. We want you.

I'm really hoping Sri Lanka might produce a good leg spinning all rounder.

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