Monday, April 7, 2014


Tony Abbott is now preventing public servants from issuing any criticism of the government. The major problem I see with this is not  that Tony Abbott is turning into Kim Jong Un but the fact that criticism should be welcomed.

Criticism is what makes thinks better. Conformity and sycophancy just don't have the same progressive effect. If I was just told that I was fucking awesome all the time I might still be playing the recorder and making people's ears bleed.

Even John Howard was willing to accept criticism. For years he was criticised for having ridiculously long eyebrows. Eventually he accepted that criticism and had them neatly trimmed. It was an improvement. There were a number of matters on which he probably should have taken far more notice of the critics, but at least he didn't attempt to shut them down altogether.

Fear of criticism can force people in power to do the right thing. It's a bit like having a conscience. When you remove the ability of people to criticise you, you remove this conscience. Chances are you then end up like every other dictator who has monumentally fucked up their country.

Free speech should not be a right reserved for bigots.

Sorry Tony, I'm not employed by the government so you can't fire me for saying this.

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