Sunday, April 6, 2014

Value proposition

Would you rather spend $100 million dollars to locate 239 dead people or to allow 4 million blind people to see? Personally, I'd choose to restore people's sight.

The search for the Malaysian airlines plane is fucking expensive and has only a limited chance of success. The reasons so much money has been poured into it are:

1. Plane crashes attract a lot of cameras and when there are a lot of cameras politicians like to look like they are doing something.
2. The lawyers want to know who to sue and they can't really do that without finding the black box.
3. The military don't really have anything to do so sending planes and ships out into the Indian Ocean keeps them occupied.

The Fred Hollows Foundation says they can restore the sight of someone for $25. To me doing that for four million people seems like far more of a win than locating some wreckage at the bottom of the ocean.

Even if they do locate the wreckage it would be horrific if they attempt to recover the bodies. If I were a relative of the deceased I certainly would not want some robot drone clawing at their decomposed corpse.
Perhaps it is time we let the people on board the plane rest in peace and spend our money helping people who can actually be helped.

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